London marathon

London Marathon – it started over a drink

I have a friend called John. John and his awesome wife, Leilani, are avid runners and generally awesome people. Every now and again they convince me to wake up at 04:30 in the morning to go running with a local running group in the dark suburb of Lynnwood, Pretoria. These runs came in handy while I was training to do my first marathon, but more of that at a later stage.

John is a bit older than I am and he was lucky enough to get an entry into the London Marathon through work a few years back. He, like I will have to, had to raise money for charity as well as pay his own airfare and find a couch to sleep on in London. One day John and I spoke over a drink, while I was preparing for my first marathon, about how great it would be if we did a destination marathon (my gosh this is starting to sound lame) and we could see an awesome city and do a spot of running. London was naturally the first choice for the destination. The problem, he pointed out, is that no one gets into the London Marathon. It’s like a super lottery and if you are lucky enough to get in, you will need to have make a trip of it etc etc. Sounds impossible, we moved on.

When work had a competition to enter I did so with only a quick glance at the fine print, after all I was certain it was impossible to get in. Weeks later I got a call from the CSI department to inform me that I was one of two people (over a hundred entered) to win an entry to the 2019 edition of the race.

This is where the fun starts. This is where I need to train to not only finish the race, but to do well. This is the start of my great journey – welcome to Run Hit Wonder.

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