Gear review: Funky Pants Classic with Pocket – Madibas

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I am not your typical runner. I am heavy-set, with big upper legs built from years of playing hockey. It’s no wonder that I smash through tights like a kid with a box of Oreos. Cavemen struggled for years to find methods of creating fire, they should have looked at my inner thighs after a race with unsuitable protection.  

Needless to say, I am a massive believer in running tights. I have been follow the Funky Pants brand for quite some time, but I haven’t worked out if I am man enough to buy patterned tights. I eventually caved and bought myself some SA flag ones, they call the Madibas. Although I am not man enough to only wear these, I do wear them under some long black running shorts.

The first thing I noticed was the double-layer of the pants. The inside felt comfy, the outside felt durable and the overall package felt sturdy. As a result, they felt relatively heavy. After my first run I realized that the weight translated into heat, as I found myself getting hotter than I ever had with flimsy, rubbish tights. Possibly I was running faster, probably not. Not that the increased temperature is a bad thing, it’s just noticeable for someone like that me who sweats like a gypsy with a mortgage.  

I am going to make a bold statement, these manly looking tights are probably the best tights I have run in. The South African team have done a really great job with a quality product that has that unique appeal that runners are looking for. I am now noticing these tights along the way at races and kind of want to high five the people as the go.

I would suggest you get to their website,, and get yourself a pair. They deliver quickly and hassle free. Don’t get them mixed up with Funky Tights, who seem to be a bit of a dodge site.

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