Adidas Ultraboost 19: Holy cow balls

I am now 150 odd kms into the new Adidas Ultraboost 19s and, I must say, Adidas have created something truly magic.

I love Adidas, it’s no secret. I love the story behind the brand – how Adolf Dassler had a tiff with his brother and they split to start two of the greatest shoes brands in the world, Adidas and Puma. My last pair of running shoes were Adidas Boost and my gosh they were good.  I bought into the boost hype like a teenage girl hearing juicy gossip. When the time came to buy new shoes, many moons ago, I told the salesperson that all I was interested in was Adidas Boost. Here we are years later and I am still as big a fan, possibly bigger.

With this whole London Marathon thing, I found myself in need of a new pair of shoes and I’m glad that I got myself a pair of the Ultraboost 19s. I remember the first time putting them on, it felt like I was putting on a sock. The fit was so comfortable that the laces felt about as useful as a lifeguard at the Olympic breaststroke final. My feet felt instantly at home in the prime-knit upper and the sole’s responsiveness made me feel like I was floating. I then took them for a run and, good gracious, I felt like I was flying through my usual 5km route. Up until that point I had been running in a pair of Adidas Solar Glide STs and was convinced, up until that point of course, that those were the best shoes ever. The Ultraboost felt so lively underfoot compared to the Solar Glides.

Many reviewers will go into depth about the mechanics of the shoes, like the drop etc. I can’t do that. I am a pretty mediocre runner with a body shape that is not conducive to championship marathon running. I can talk from the perspective of a run hit wonder who loves to run and these shoes really help me do that. The Adidas Ultraboost help you believe that they will push you up a hill and give you a personal best on a tough profile.

Despite the shoes being an incredible ride (like your mother #yourmotherjokes), it was only when I saw Maps Maponyane wearing a pair with jeans that I realized what Adidas has done, created a running shoe with street cred. I’m not talking like a moustached father braaing burgers next to the soccer field with jeans and some old grey running shoes. The Ultraboost 19 are Adidas’ answer to crossing over between hitting the streets for a run then going out to the newest gin joint, or wherever trendy people go these days.

Let’s call a spade a spade, the shoes are expensive at R3,000 odd for the pair. This price tag will put off potential buyers, but if you can wrap your mind around paying a few extra bokke (especially with the help of Discovery Shoe Booster and things like that) then you will be truly satisfied with your purchase. I can honestly say, the Adidas Ultraboost 19s are the best running shoes I have worn.

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