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I haven’t been sued by Nike…yet

Some people have said to me that they really love the name Run Hit Wonder. I must admit, I wasn’t the first person to use it. Nike used it before me and they haven’t taken legal action against me….yet.

The Run Hit Wonder race was an annual event organised by the Swoosh gang. Every year some people would run a race only to be greeted by one hit wonder artist. Over the years the acts included A Flock of Seagulls, Tommy Tutone and Chingy.

When I started looking for a domain for my cause I was shocked to see that the domain was available. I was happy to acquire it, but I was cautious. You see, I’ve had run ins with the law when it came to another sports brand… Speedo. I didn’t want to get into the copyright fight again so I emailed Nike PR. Have a look at my email below.

Hello the people of the Swoosh,

I have, by the power of greyskull, obtained an entry to the 2019 London Marathon. I have registered a URL that might infringe in a race you used to organize and I hope to gain your permission to proceed with the url.

One of the conditions of me getting the entry is that I raise some money for a charity of my choice, which is super awesome. I am hoping to raise a small sum of money for the South African Depression and Anxiety group that helps South African with counselling and education around mental health – awesome cause. Being a bit of an overachiever, I am setting up a website with a whole campaign etc etc. The domain I registered is and I see that the Run Hit Wonder is an event that you used to (excuse the pun) run.

By mailing you I am hoping for three things, two of which are realistic:

  1. Confirmation that if I set up the website, you won’t be angry. I once got a cease and desist letter from Speedo – long story – so I know that top brands get touchy about this stuff. Hopefully, not you guys.
  2. Any support would be absolutely bloody amazing. Part of my idea is to do a raffle for people that support my campaign and anything from Nike would be absolutely awesome.
  3. (The non-realistic one) Next time you see Phil Knight lurking around the office, please give him a massive high five for me. His book, Shoe Dog, was an absolute gem of a read and is the reason that I was until running in grey and orange Nike Structure 21s.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I know you get tons of emails every day so I pinky promise that I won’t be mad if you don’t reply.

Love Neil

I got no response. I’m proud to say that I have not got into a Harvey Spector type legal battle with Nike yet. If they come, I’ll be ready… Hat in hand, ready to give them what they want.

If you have a friend that works at Nike, be sure to send this to them.

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