London marathon

I am not a runner

Small talk irritates me. When you have been dating someone for some time, you will be constantly asked when you are getting engaged. After that, you’ll be asked about marriage, kids and ultimately retirement. Humans can be extremely predictable and boring when it comes to conversation. When it comes to running a marathon like my upcoming London Marathon, humans will ask you one question “How’s the running going?”

I don’t mind telling people about my running, I actually quite like it because it saves me trying to find a subject of small talk. I think I mind people assuming that all I am is a runner, because in reality the label of runner would be very low on the list of who I am. I have been extremely clear on the fact that I am a very mediocre runner, the strides (pun-intended) I have made have been a result of hard work and hours on the roads surrounding my house. I envy the naturally gifted athletes that smash good times without breaking a sweat. I am particularly jealous of the latter point, I tend to sweat like a gypsy with a mortgage when I run. So when people label me as a runner, I tend to think it’s the furthest thing from who I am – as strange as it sounds.

When I was told about my opportunity to run the 2019 Virgin London Marathon, I saw the opportunity of raising money for a cause rather than the run itself. I saw the cool opportunity of running a multi-media campaign to create awareness and do what I can for the SADAG, a charity dear to my heart.  

So perhaps there is some sort of trade that I need to implement. Every time someone asks me the silly question of “How’s the running going?” I will only answer if they’ve donated to my run. I am not a runner, I’m just a boy standing in front of a reading audience asking them to support him.   

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